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Memorandum by the British Chiefs of Staff

most secret
C.C.S. 317/3

Equipping Allies, Liberated Forces and Friendly Neutrals

We agree with the recommendation of the United States Chiefs of Staff1 that the Combined Chiefs of Staff should approve at once subparagraphs [Page 1054] 10 a and b of C.C.S. 317,2 provided that the following is inserted at the end of subparagraph a, “insofar as this does not interfere with operations scheduled previous to Quadrant ”.

If you agree, we suggest that the necessary action should now be taken without this matter again coming before the Combined Chiefs of Staff at Quadrant .3

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  3. The question, however, did come up for discussion at the 115th Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, August 23, 1943. See ante, p. 939.