740.0011 EW/8–943

The Assistant to the Presidents Military Aide (Hammond) to the Secretary of State


Memorandum for the Secretary of State

The following message from the President to the Secretary of State was received in the White House Map Room during the night.

“I have yours of August fifth1 relating to formula in regard to French committee. I feel strongly that nothing should be done on this until we have had a chance to talk personally with Prime Minister. I understand also that Eden is coming over a little later.

I cannot understand what the rush is about this, especially in view of the fact that we have been getting some new set-up of the Committee almost every week. It is much better to let the whole thing rock along. After all, its importance is now in a much lower category.

I hope you can lunch with me Monday.”

Very respectfully,

Chester Hammond

Lt. Colonel, General Staff
Asst. to the Military Aide
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