A.E.C. Files (Historical Doc. No. 226)

The British Lord President of the Council (Anderson) to the Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development (Bush)

most secret

My Dear Dr. Bush, Thank you so much for your letter of the 6th August1 which is entirely satisfactory from my point of view.

I am of course quite ready to make the small amendment which you suggest in the first clause of the draft agreement, and I am now proposing to submit the draft, with this alteration, to the Prime Minister for his consideration. I assume therefore that you will similarly submit it to the President.

As regards the point made regarding the interpretation of subparagraph (b) in the 5th clause of the draft, I agree, of course, that it will not be for the combined Policy Committee to interfere with the control of the American programme by the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army. My thought is that the members of the combined Policy Committee should have such information as may be necessary to enable all of us to be satisfied that we are making the greatest possible contribution towards bringing the project to fruition at the earliest possible moment.

I am afraid that, owing to the short notice which it was possible to give of my visit, you have been put to considerable inconvenience, and I am most grateful to you for the great trouble you have taken to round the matter off in the limited time which I have been able to spend here.

My visit has given me great pleasure personally & I hope we may meet again soon.

Yours very sincerely,

John Anderson
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