740.00119 EW/8–1743: Telegram

The British Foreign Office to the British Consul General at Tangier (Gascoigne)1

most secret

You should tell Berio in answer to his questions2 that he must present a document offering unconditional surrender and asking to be informed of the requirements which the Italian Government will have to sign in order to give effect to their surrender. This written offer of unconditional surrender need not be published at this stage. But Berio should understand that both this offer of surrender and terms signed by the Italian Government will have to be published immediately after signature of the armistice.

  1. Printed from a copy made available to Hull on August 17, 1943, by the British Embassy at Washington.
  2. See paragraph 4 of the telegram of August 14, 1943, from the British Consulate General at Tangier to the Foreign Office, ante, p. 586.