Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

President Roosevelt to Prime Minister Churchill 1


Former Naval Person from the President, Number 341, secret and personal.

Receipt is acknowledged of your message 398.2

I consider it unwise in the time available to interfere with the military plans of General Eisenhower to attack with bombs today the Marshalling Yards and airfields in Rome.

However, I believe further raids should not continue pending outcome of Vatican efforts.

  1. Sent to the White House Map Room, Washington, and forwarded to the United States Naval Attaché, London, via Navy channels. An information copy was sent to Hull on August 3, 1943, by the Secretary of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Deane) (740.0011 EW/8–343). For Eisenhower’s comments on this message and the preceding document, see Eisenhower Papers, p. 1311.
  2. Supra.