740.0011 EW/8–343

The Assistant to the President’s Military Aide ( Hammond ) to the Secretary of State


Memorandum for the Secretary of State

The following message from Admiral Leahy was received in the White House Map Room this date:

“Please inform General Marshall and State Department that the President approves in principle White Number 251 but that Ave must be very sure of the inspection if these terms are accepted.”

General Marshall has been informed of the above message.2
For your information, a copy of White Number 25 is attached hereto.

Very respectfully,

Chester Hammond

Lt. Colonel, General Staff
Assistant to the Military Aide
  1. i.e., the conditions enclosed with Marshall’s memorandum of August 2, 1943, to Hull, ante, p. 530.
  2. Hull was informed on August 3, 1943, by the Secretary of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Deane) that the latter had informed the British Staff Mission in Washington of Roosevelt’s approval of the proposed conditions for declaring Rome an open city (740.0011 EW/8–343).