Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt 1


Prime Minister to President personal and secret number 391.

Your 331.2

I have not had time to consult my colleagues but I have no doubt whatever that our joint draft as amended3 expresses in perfect harmony the minds of our 2 governments on the broad policy to be pursued. It seems to be a case of “Two hearts that beat as one”.

I suggest if you agree that in Paragraph 6 last sentence “We” should be substituted for “I” and that the document becomes a joint directive conveying the instructions of our 2 governments to all authorities charged with their execution.

  1. Sent to Washington by the United States Military Attaché, London, via Army channels; forwarded by the White House Map Room to Roosevelt, who was then at Hyde Park. A paraphrase was sent to Hull by the White House Map Room on August 1, 1943 (740.0011 EW/8–143).
  2. Ante, p. 517.
  3. i.e., Churchill’s “Thoughts on the Fall of Mussolini” ( Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. ii, pp. 332335) as modified by Roosevelt’s telegram No. 331.