Editorial Note

Documents printed in this section are in general limited to (a) papers clearly prepared for use in the forthcoming discussions between Roosevelt and Churchill or their subordinates and (b) other preparatory papers specifically mentioned in the minutes of those discussions. Since the arrival at Quebec of the principal members of the United States Delegation took place over the course of a full week (the Joint Chiefs of Staff on August 13, 1943, the President on August 17, and the Secretary of State on August 20) preparatory documents were being drafted in Washington some days after the first phases of the Quebec Conference had begun.

Further background information on most of the subjects treated in this section may be found in the other Foreign Relations volumes for 1943. Since those volumes, however, do not contain papers on Anglo-American cooperation in the field of atomic energy, documentation on this subject is included here for the period from the close of the Trident Conference to the opening of the Quebec Conference.