Hopkins Papers: Telegram

The President’s Special Assistant (Hopkins) to Prime Minister Churchill 1


Apropos of your request to me regarding Tube Alloys , I have made some inquiry here.2 It would be very helpful if Anderson could send me by pouch a full memorandum of what he considers to be the basis of the present misunderstanding, particularly the copies of the original memoranda or any references or conversations which form the bases [Page 2] of the misunderstanding. In a casual inquiry here I find that our people feel that there has been no breach of agreement, but I want to go into it thoroughly and a memorandum from Anderson would help.

I do hope you are feeling better.

  1. Manner of transmission not indicated, but presumably by military channels.
  2. The Hopkins Papers include a memorandum of February 26, 1943, from Bush to Hopkins, and an enclosed 22-page file of documents bearing on the interchange of scientific information with the British, particularly the initial American–British arrangements of September and October, 1940. According to the Bush memorandum, the file was prepared following a conversation between Hopkins and Bush.