Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt 1

most secret

378. Former Naval Person to President personal and most secret.

Operation Quadrant . As Colonel Warden (see my immediately following) is going by the same method as last time,2 he will have to arrive at “ Abraham ” during the 10th and will await you there. I should be glad to know if your delay till the 17th means that you are going to meet UJ. If this is so and you are not taking your staff with you, it has occurred to me that perhaps these might come to “ Abraham ” a few days earlier so as to begin the discussions, which are always lengthy, with their opposite number. On military grounds, we are very anxious that the staffs should be in contact as soon as possible.
Your 323.3 I quite understand your position and am supporting it by a message to Mackenzie King, which I am repeating to you.4 I expect that McCarthy will be able to convince him, as he is very keen on the project.
Colonel Warden is bringing Mrs Warden with him as you have several times kindly suggested, also Lieutenant Mary Warden5 as aide de camp. All three members of the Warden family are greatly looking forward to the trip.
The “ Husky ” news is very good and will be better. I trust we can keep all important options in this theatre open until we meet. I hope you are not too lonely now that Congress has departed. Up to date in July, we have caught 26 canaries,6 which is good for 25 days. There should be quite a good meal for our cats when the time comes.
  1. Sent by the United States Military Attaché, London, via Army channels.
  2. i.e., on the Queen Mary.
  3. Supra.
  4. See Churchill’s telegram No. 380 to Roosevelt, below.
  5. Churchill’s daughter Mary.
  6. i.e., sunk 26 enemy submarines.