Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Prime Minister Mackenzie King to President Roosevelt

On my return to Ottawa may I express anew my warm appreciation of my recent visit to the White House and of all your kindness throughout the entire period of my stay in Washington. The conversations with Winston and yourself,1 the visit to the Capitol,2 the meeting of the Pacific Relations Council3 and other conferences all related to the most important of the world’s events combined to give the occasion the most far reaching significance. I cannot be too grateful for all it has meant to me personally and for what the opportunities it afforded will always mean to the government and people of Canada.

Kindest personal regards.

W. L. Mackenzie King
  1. Regarding the Roosevelt–Churchill–Mackenzie King and Roosevelt–Mackenzie King conversations of May 19, the Roosevelt–Churchill–Mackenzie King conversation of May 20, and the Roosevelt–Mackenzie King conversation of May 21, see the editorial notes, ante, pp. 123, 141, and 151.
  2. Mackenzie King attended the joint session of the houses of Congress on May 19 at which Churchill made his address. He also attended the Congressional luncheon and the meeting with the members of the Senate and House Foreign Relations Committees which followed. See Pickersgill, pp. 505–506.
  3. For the record of the meeting of the Pacific War Council, see ante, p. 134.