Hopkins Papers

President Roosevelt’s Adviser (Baruch) to the Presidents Military Aide (Watson)

My Dear General: Herewith, are two reports1 on Magnesium concerning [Page 313] which the President and the Prime Minister asked me about yesterday at luncheon.2

I am enclosing one other duplicate, in case the President wishes to give it to the Prime Minister.


Bernard M. Baruch

Memorandum by President Roosevelt’s Adviser (Baruch)

Memorandum on Magnesium:

Unless there are demands for lend-lease and for our Armed Forces, which were not ordered up to the afternoon of May 17, 1943, supply has overtaken demand.

All bins have been filled. Two months advanced shipment have been made to China and Russia.

A stock pile is now accumulating here at the rate of 7,500,000 lbs. per month.

All listed demands up to Dec. 31, 1943, will be met by production and a stock pile of 50,000,000 will be accumulated by Dec. 31, 1943.

There need be no anxiety over this metal unless much larger demands are contemplated than have been placed. If—there are any such future requirements, it should be immediately presented to the Magnesium unit of the W.P.B.

B. M. Baruch
  1. Only one report was found attached to the source text.
  2. No official record of the luncheon under reference has been found.