Hopkins Papers

The Chief of Staff United States Army ( Marshall ) to the Presidents Special Assistant ( Hopkins )


Dear Harry: I am returning the papers that you sent me from Dr. Soong.1

His outline of the tonnage agreements lacks certain small provisos, [Page 298] but I do not think it is necessary to propose a modification of his statements.

As to paragraph 5, I am attaching a proposed substitute.2 The fact is, we have not yet taken up the detailed consideration of Anakim , though we have heard Dr. Soong on the subject as well as Wavell, Stilwell and Chennault. I assume that nothing must be said at this time that in any way conveys the idea that Anakim is definitely to be modified; as a matter of fact we have not reached a final decision in this matter. Therefore the suggested paragraph.

There is a further complication in this matter, which involves the question of landing craft and the fact that we have not yet reached an agreement regarding the Mediterranean and a modified Roundup . These matters of course affect the landing craft situation, and the Mediterranean decision will have a direct bearing on the question of the availability of a British fleet in the Indian Ocean next November.

Faithfully yours,

G. C. Marshall
  1. Supra.
  2. This apparently is a reference to the revised paragraph 5 of Soong’s draft letter of May 18 to Roosevelt, supra. For text of the revised paragraph, see footnote 3 to that letter.