Hopkins: Papers

The President’s Personal Representative ( Murphy ) to the Presidents Special Assistant ( Hopkins )1

Harry—Giraud will have de Gaulle for lunch.2

[Page 821]

After lunch both men will be shut in a room for private confab.

After that I think the PM should receive de Gaulle3 and then the PM should lead him over to the President.

I think Giraud will be willing that the President be able to include in his public statement something to effect that all Vichy racial laws will be abolished in this area.

  1. The source text is handwritten.
  2. This first de Gaulle–Giraud meeting appears to be the one described in de Gaulle, p. 83, and Giraud, pp. 101–103.
  3. Churchill did receive de Gaulle on January 22. For accounts of the meeting, see de Gaulle, pp. 86–87, and Churchill, Hinge of Fate, pp. 681–682.