Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

The President to the Secretary of State 1

Newburg 29. To Hull from Alex.

We delivered our bridegroom, General Giraud, who was most cooperative on the impending marriage, and I am sure was ready to go through with it on our terms. However, our friends could not produce the bride, the temperamental lady de Gaulle. She has got quite snooty about the whole idea and does not want to see either of us, and is showing no intention of getting into bed with Giraud. We are going to do the best we can under these circumstances and I think can bring something out of this that will be pretty good. Giraud gives me the impression of a man who wants to fight and has no great interest in civil affairs.

Do you think Leger could be usefully used over here? I agree with what you have said about Monnet. Also please let me know what you think of Roger Cambon, who is universally respected and through his father knows much about North Africa.

Our military studies and plans are going very well.

  1. Transmitted via military channels.