Hopkins Papers: Telegram

The President’s Special Representative (Harriman) to the President’s Special Assistant (Hopkins)1

Harriman to Hopkins, relating Symbol of which Harriman has been told by Prime Minister.

Please advise: 1. Whether the Boss still wants me to check membership British party in order to be sure that there are no ringers.2 You will recall that this is what he asked me to do at luncheon my last day in Washington in connection with the then contemplated plans.

2. Whether I am still expected to come.3 You can well understand my concern as to the manner in which our conclusions are to be presented to the Russians.

  1. Transmitted via Navy Channels.
  2. Regarding Roosevelt’s instructions to Harriman to discuss with Churchill the matter of the composition of the delegations to the projected conference, see footnote 2 to Harriman’s telegram to Roosevelt, December 7, 1942, ante, p. 496.
  3. Roosevelt’s message 253 to Churchill, dated January 4, 1943, not printed, reads as follows: “I hope you can bring Averell with you and I have asked him to go to see you. He can be very helpful.” (Roosevelt Papers) In his message 254 to Roosevelt, dated January 5, 1943, Churchill replied: “Delighted to bring Averell.” (Roosevelt Papers)