Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

President Roosevelt to Prime Minister Churchill 1


From the President for the Former Naval Person personal and secret No. 242.

Following is the substance of letter2 which courier has for you:

“In spite of Stalin’s inability to meet with us I think we should plan a meeting at once with our respective military staffs. I should like to meet in Africa about January 15th. There is I believe a satisfactory and safe place just north of Casablanca. It might be wise for some of our military men to precede us by a few days to clear the ground. I should think if we could have four or five days together we could clear up all of our business.

“Will you let me know what you think of this.”

  1. Sent to the United States Naval Attaché London, via Navy channels.
  2. The reference is to Roosevelt’s letter of December 11, 1942, ante, p. 498.