Hopkins Papers

Memorandum by the President’s Special Assistant (Hopkins)


The Prime Minister and the President had not agreed upon any joint statement which the two of them would make upon Churchill’s arrival in London.

I went down to the doctor’s room where the President was having his nose treated for sinus and he dictated the attached notes to me.1

I later redrafted this and gave it to the Prime Minister and the President at dinner that night when the three of us had dinner together.2 The final draft which appeared in the press is attached.3

H. L. H.
  1. Hopkins’ handwritten notes are not printed. Significant differences between these notes and the typed draft prepared by Hopkins are indicated in footnotes to the latter document which is printed ante, p. 481.
  2. The draft joint statement prepared by Hopkins is printed ante, p. 481. Regarding the dinner meeting of June 25, 1942, between Roosevelt, Hopkins, and Churchill, see editorial note, ante, p. 454.
  3. For text of the final draft of the joint statement, see supra.