Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt

Editorial Note. No copy of this telegram has been found in American files. The text as printed in Churchill, The Grand Alliance, p. 609, is as follows:

Former Naval Person to President Roosevelt. 9 Dec. 41.

“I am grateful for your telegram of December 8. Now that we are, as you say, ‘in the same boat,’ would it not be wise for us to have another conference? We could review the whole war plan in the light of reality and new facts, as well as the problems of production and distribution. I feel that all these matters, some of which are causing me concern, can best be settled on the highest executive level. It would also be a very great pleasure to me to meet you again, and the sooner the better.

“2. I could, if desired, start from here in a day or two, and come by warship to Baltimore or Annapolis. Voyage would take about eight days, and I would arrange to stay a week, so that everything important could be settled between us. I would bring Pound, Portal, Dill, and Beaverbrook, with necessary staffs.

“3. Please let me know at earliest what you feel about this.”