Roosevelt Papers

Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt 1

Mr. President:

Please will you very kindly consider giving a few rationed carrots to the Dons to help stave off trouble at Gibraltar? Every day we have the use of the harbour is a gain, especially in view of some other ideas we have discussed. I am told it only needs a word to Wallace.2

W. C.

5. 1. 42

  1. The source text is on White House stationery; Churchill’s initials are typed.
  2. Vice President Wallace was Chairman of the Board of Economic Warfare. No direct reply by Roosevelt has been found, but for related documentation, see “Concern of the United States Over Maintenance of Neutrality by Spain”, Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iii, pp. 248 ff., and “Negotiations Between the American Chargé at Tangier and the Spanish High Commissioner Regarding Economic Aid to Spanish Zone of Morocco and Tangier”, ibid., vol. iv, pp. 439 ff.