837.51 Public Works Debt/290

The Chargé in Cuba ( Beaulac ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2861

Sir: With further reference to the unpaid portion of the public works debt, I have the honor to report that I discussed the prospect of payment with the Secretary of State15 this morning.

The Secretary said that he had had several conversations in the matter with the President16 and other officials of the Government recently, and he thought that there would be no difficulty in the way of congressional approval of the settlements already agreed upon. He said that, in his opinion, it was a question of weeks, and possibly of days, now before such congressional approval would be given. He promised to continue to pursue the matter, and reiterated his previously expressed conviction that the prompt payment of this debt would be in Cuba’s interest.

I told Dr. Campa that, whereas I had had no conversations with General Menocal17 on the subject, it had been reported to me by several persons that he had offered to cooperate in the matter of congressional approval. The Secretary said that that was his understanding also.

Respectfully yours,

Willard L. Beaulac
  1. Miguel Angel Campa.
  2. Federico Laredo Brú.
  3. Gen. Mario García Menocal, ex-President of Cuba.