710.Consultation(2)/54: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

106. From the Under Secretary. Your 139, June 22, 1 p.m. I have not discussed these questions with the Chilean Ambassador whom I have not seen for some two weeks. The agenda for the Habana meeting will be determined by the Governing Board of the Pan American Union after all of the participating governments have been afforded the opportunity of presenting their views. The suggestions of this Government will be communicated to you by telegraph in the near future for the information of the Foreign Minister. In my judgment economic questions must of course come up for discussion and, if possible, determination, but it would be preferable to avoid any detailed consideration of questions of continental defense or of armament, leaving decision on these matters to the Governments after study by experts. I see no reason why the consideration by the Habana conference of economic problems should interfere in the slightest degree with the regional conference to meet in Montevideo in August, [Welles.]