710.Consultation(2)/51: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

181. From the Under Secretary. Your 299, June 22, 2 p.m.27 Please make it very clear to Aranha how deeply I appreciate his message and how fully I understand the difficulties he mentioned to you. I am confident, however, that if this Government had adopted any vigorous attitude in favor of having the meeting held in Rio de Janeiro, no matter how appropriate it might have felt such a plan to be, it would have resulted in definite opposition on the part of the Caribbean countries, the northern South American countries, probably the Central American countries and most definitely Mexico, which, as you know, sponsored the resolution calling for the holding of the next consultative meeting in Habana. At this time it is more than ever important in my judgment that every effort be made to avoid disagreement on any questions affecting inter-American relationships.

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Please make it clear to Aranha, as I did to Ambassador Martins yesterday, that this Government has not as yet prepared any suggestions for the agenda but that the minute they are prepared, they will be submitted first of all to Aranha for his consideration and advice. I do not know upon what Espil’s telegram to Cantilo may have been based. I have never discussed the agenda with Espil other than to indicate that undoubtedly many of the republics would desire to bring up problems, particularly economic problems, for discussion in addition to the question of European-held possessions in the Western Hemisphere. I have never discussed Fifth Column activities with Espil as a topic to be taken up at the conference.

Please state that the United States delegation will as always cooperate to the utmost extent with the Brazilian delegation in order that nothing may occur at the conference which would be in the slightest degree embarrassing or detrimental to Brazil.

Please give him my own warm personal regards and say that I hope at this time the two governments can work together as effectively as they did before and during the Panama meeting. [Welles.]

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