710.Consultation(2)/54: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

139. I saw the Foreign Minister25 this morning at his request. He wanted a more definite idea of the agenda for Habana and particularly whether it is to be confined to possible transfer of territory or will include as well economic questions. This he implied important in selecting representatives. I suspect the action of the Minister is due to report of Ambassador at Washington of interview with the Department at which he was told the conference may or will deal with continental defence, armament and economic matters as well. Please give us the earliest practical reply for transmission to this Government. Feeling here that inclusion of economic questions would result [Page 196] in liquidation of the conference called by Bolivia for Montevideo for August 1526 which is disturbing the Government here.

  1. Abraham Ortega.
  2. The reference is to the Regional Conference of the River Plate Countries (Conferencia Regional de los Países del Plata), held at Montevideo, January 27–February 6, 1941. Countries represented were Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. The United States had an observer.