711.12/1474: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico ( Boal ) to the Secretary of State

198. Referring to my telegram No. 192 of June 11, 1 a.m. [p.m.], Secretary of State Hull’s statements in press conference95 given first page coverage in all Mexico City morning newspapers June 13 as well as in last edition of Ultimas Noticias of June 12.

The Minister of National Defense in a press interview on June 12 made the statement that there are no concentration of troops along [Page 141] the southern border on the United States, nor are there any works of a military nature being carried out there. There have been public statements regarding such concentration, one having been made by General Juan Barragan.

Licenciada Vicente Lombardo Toledano, Secretary General of the CIN [CTM],96 in an address before Confederation of Latin American Workers on June 12, 1940 stated: “We will not permit the territory of any country of Latin America to serve for the incubation of Fascist forces of the Italian or German type to attack the democratic regime of Latin America or incubate forces for the purpose of attacking the United States of North America.”

He also said: “We are not and will not be directly or indirectly allied to the dark forces which Fascism represents”.

He indignantly denied the stories published in the American newspapers that the CTM were playing the Nazi game. The speech as a whole constituted a pro-American, anti-totalitarian statement of policy by Lombardo Toledano which should be of particular significance when taken in conjunction with President Cárdenas’ telegram to the President of France, the attitude of the Minister of Gobernacion and the expulsion of Dietrich.

General Hay today expressed to me his sincere gratification at the statement of Secretary of State yesterday dealing with Mexico.

  1. At press conference on June 12, Secretary Hull stated that he thought it had been Mexican policy right along to support the Allies and favor cooperation with the United States.
  2. Confederación de Trabajadores Mexicanos.