711.12/1473: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico ( Boal ) to the Secretary of State

192. (a) Confidential talks between President Cárdenas and Ambassador Castillo Nájera reported my telegram 178, June 1st.93

(b) Confidential talk with Cárdenas reported my telegram 177, June 1st.

(c) Some information regarding a truck load of propaganda or other material being sent to Sarabia Airlines by Dietrich which I conveyed to Cárdenas confidentially on June 9.

(d) General Hay’s94 conversation with me in which he deplored American publicity on Mexican Fifth Column activities as preparing ground for alarmists in Mexico to spread rumors that the United States might intervene in Mexico. In this talk Dietrich, Press Attaché of the German Legation, was mentioned as possibly engaged in activities harmful to Mexican-American friendship; this conversation was guardedly reported to Duggan by telephone. The foregoing sequence of events culminated today in the following:

Telegram from President Cardenas to President Lebrun of which following is significant part:

“I communicate to Your Excellency the painful impression caused my Government by the Italian declaration of war against [Page 140] the great French people which traditionally has been the mouthpiece of human liberty, the rights of man and international morality. I renew my wishes for the happiness of the French people.”

Minister of Gobernacion called Mexican newspaper publishers and managers tonight and told them that the foreign policy of Mexico is one of sympathy toward the Allies, especially France, and is also sympathetic toward the United States and ask their cooperation in support of this policy. Talking with publisher Laredo, Texas, newspaper he said Mexico considers her relations with the United States the best she has ever had. The Government is determined that the Communist and Nazi elements which might exist in Mexico shall not succeed in dissipating this friendly feeling.
… He said that Mexican policy is one of close cooperation with the United States.
General Hay told me in strict confidence that tonight he had informed the German Minister without giving any reason, that Dietrich is not welcome here. The German Minister expressed fear Dietrich might not be allowed to pass through the United States and this might delay his departure. General Hay asked me to ascertain from the Department whether there will be any objection to his transit through the United States. Please telegraph or telephone on this point as General Hay desires to know immediately.

The attitude of the Mexican Government as evidenced by all of the foregoing may seem to warrant some comment at the Department press conference or elsewhere in connection with the news summarized in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this telegram. Such comment would be gratifying to President Cárdenas and General Hay and might be constructive for the future.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Eduardo Hay, Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs.