The Chilean Embassy to the Department of State



It has come to the knowledge of the Government of Chile that the President of Nicaragua has addressed himself to the Presidents of the other Central American republics with a request for support before the Department of State at Washington, in order to bring about intervention by the United States in the present domestic political difficulties of Nicaragua. Although we are certain that the Government of the United States and the Governments of the Republics addressed are far from desiring to lend themselves to impugning the agreement concluded at Montevideo76 after a prolonged Pan American diplomatic procedure, the Minister of Foreign Relations of Chile deems it indispensable to express the profound surprise with which the Government of Chile views such an initiative of the President of Nicaragua; its protest against it; and its determination to omit no action that may be incumbent on it to prevent the general interest and the higher concern of all the American Republics from being compromised in this way.

  1. Convention on Rights and Duties of States; for text see Report of the Delegates of the United States of America to the Seventh International Conference of American States, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 3–26, 1933 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1934), p. 165.