The Chilean Ambassador (Trucco) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Welles)

Dear Mr. Welles: Referring to our conversation of a moment ago with regard to the memorandum of my Government on Nicaraguan affairs, which I had the honor to place in your hands, I feel that I should repeat to you what I had the opportunity of telling you verbally:

All the memorandum’s observations in disagreement refer solely and exclusively to Nicaragua.
Only that is shown by the text itself of the memorandum.
Furthermore, I stated to you that my chancellery ordered me to emphasize:
That, in its protest, my Government only had in view the initiative of Nicaragua which it considered contrary to the Montevideo Agreement;
That it said nothing and had nothing to say with regard to the United States, whose lofty spirit it knew extremely well and in whose policy, particularly in these circumstances, it had the greatest confidence;
That neither did it make observations or reservations with respect to any other Republic.

I avail myself [etc.]

M. Trucco