817.00/8451: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( Des Portes ) to the Secretary of State

55. Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs sent for me this morning and, on behalf of President Ubico, told me the following:

Foreign Office had just received telegram from the Guatemalan Minister in Costa Rica reporting the receipt of a memorandum from the Chilean Minister to Central America. Memorandum referred to report that Nicaragua supported by other Central American States would request United States intervention in that country. According to Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs, memorandum added that Chile would protest such action as compromising the general interests of all American Republics. The Minister then told me that his Government had informed its representative in San Jose to reply to memorandum stating nothing definite but indicating Chile had no right to interfere in Central American affairs.

The Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs then gave me a copy of telegram dated June 1 from Guatemalan Minister in Managua, reporting alleged statement made to Diplomatic Corps by Minister Long, pursuant to instructions from Department, to the effect that the Government of the United States would only consider participating in mediatory measures provided it was requested to do so by all political factors, including General Somoza, and then only in union with other friendly American nations, and further with the understanding that the United States would not have to take the initiative. The Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs then told me that he was informing the Guatemalan representative in Managua to act only in complete accord with Minister Long.

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Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs then showed me telegram from Guatemalan Embassy in Mexico, stating that Nicaraguan Chargé d’Affaires and Salvadoran Minister there, on instructions from their Governments, had requested Mexican Government to initiate cooperation with Guatemala and Honduras to mediate in Nicaragua. The telegram read that General Hay had stated that Mexico would not interfere in internal affairs of Nicaragua.

Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs told me that his Government had received request for support from President Sacasa to which Guatemala was replying that it must remain absolutely neutral. The Minister told me, however, that Guatemala would be open to and welcome suggestions for mediation from the United States only and not from any other American nation.

I thanked the Minister for his courtesy in informing me of the above and stated that I would be glad to advise the Department thereof.

Repeated to Central American Missions.

Des Portes