710.Peace Agenda/154: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Hull)

14. Personal for the Secretary. Am mailing you at Rio Duggan’s four reports41 of his conference with officials of other Departments about proposed trade truce. Wallace favors, and thinks only opposition of agricultural interests would result from binding rates on molasses, canned meats and possibly certain fruits and vegetables but that this opposition could be met because of advantage to agriculture as a whole. He doubts concerning the ratification by the Senate, but believes this would be possible with the President’s unreserved support. As he was leaving for the West he requested Duggan to see the others. Taylor of Treasury is in accord with purpose and objective of proposal, but thinks extension of Tariff Act more important, and raises question as to whether ratification of convention would interfere with that. Draper of Commerce definitely against any legislation or treaty that might prove complicating factor in effort to renew Tariff Act. Appears to be very much against proposal, as evidenced by fact he telephoned this Department after he had seen Duggan. Ryder of Tariff Commission makes many points that should be considered but says his doubts might be dispelled by further detailed study. Duggan has read this.

  1. None printed.