710.Peace Personnel/279: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Hull)

15. The American Consul at Geneva reported on November 10 that he was told by the Argentine representative at Geneva that the latter had taken up with the Secretariat the possibility of a League observer attending the Conference. The Argentine representative had received information that Sweetser42 was a candidate and he felt that [Page 32] he should suggest that Sweetser would not be entirely acceptable to Argentina.

The Argentine representative confirmed to the American Consul that although the Argentine delegation, during the Assembly, had generally favored the sending of a League observer to the Conference, it was now the impression that Buenos Aires would not take the initiative in such a development.

The American Consul has been authoritatively advised that Avenol43 informed the political section of the Secretariat of his decision not to take any action with respect to sending an observer to Buenos Aires unless a formal invitation in that sense is received by the League.

  1. Arthur Sweetser, attached to the office of the Secretary-General, League of Nations, with rank of director.
  2. Joseph A. Avenol, Secretary-General, League of Nations.