710.Peace Agenda/165½

Memorandum by the Secretary to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Reed) to the Chairman (Hull), November 13, 1936

Dr. Castro Ramírez, Salvadoran delegate told me this morning that it was his very earnest hope that some way might be found at the conference in Buenos Aires to ameliorate certain social problems which were confronting his and other Latin American Governments. He said that he had categorical instructions from his own Government to endeavor to obtain some action at the conference looking to the exclusion of communism from the American continent. He understood that the Guatemalan Delegation had similar instructions.

Dr. Castro Ramírez wished to consult the views of Secretary Hull in order that he might ascertain whether the Secretary felt that it would be possible to find at Buenos Aires a formula to achieve the purpose indicated, or whether he thought it might be preferable to leave to each individual country the problem of combatting communism within its own territory. He intimated that he hoped the Secretary would favor the first mentioned procedure, that is, some form of concerted or collective action against communism, but that if the Secretary deemed it unwise or impracticable to have anything [Page 31] along these lines attempted at Buenos Aires, he, Dr. Castro Ramírez, did not feel that there was much use in going ahead with it there.

Edward L. Reed