The Secretary of War ( Woodring ) to President Roosevelt 40

Dear Mr. President: The following message for you from the President of the Philippines was included in a radiogram, dated November 11, 1936, received in this Department from the Acting High Commissioner to the Philippine Islands:

“For the President of the United States: I am informed an agreement will be entered into between the North Central and South American Republics binding one another not to wage war among themselves without first submitting matter to arbitration. Such an agreement naturally involves the Philippines for the period that it is under the American Flag. We fully approve of this pact and it is my earnest hope that in view of the present relation between the United States and the Philippines and the former commercial and official relation between Mexico and the Islands during a part of the Spanish regime that in the pact a clause may be inserted giving the government of the Philippines, once it has become independent, the right to sign this pact. Quezon.”

Respectfully yours,

Harry H. Woodring
  1. Received from the White House on November 16 with a request from the President that it be forwarded to the Secretary of State by air mail.