811.114 Reidun/160

The Norwegian Minister (Morgenstierne) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to refer to previous exchange of notes and to verbal conferences with regard to the detention in New York and [Page 452] subsequent release of the Norwegian S/S Reidun. As stated by me to Honorable Walton R. Moore, Assistant Secretary of State, and to Mr. Hickerson, the Norwegian Government,—while maintaining their views that the action taken against the Reidun and her officers was not in accordance with Norwegian rights or with existing treaties between Norway and the United States—agree on their part to waive any and all claims against the American Government in connection with the seizure and detention of the Reidun and the arrest and imprisonment of her officers. I have the honor to confirm herewith this assurance which in view of the agreement between the American authorities and the owners and the officers of the S/S Reidun respectively, I have already communicated verbally on behalf of my Government.

I am also glad to take this opportunity to reaffirm also with reference to the S/S Reidun the assurance given in my note of June 13th, last, to the effect that my Government are fully prepared to cooperate with the American Government to prevent the misuse of any Norwegian vessel in smuggling activities outside the coast of the United States.

Accept [etc.]

W. Morgenstierne