811.114 Norway/35

The Assistant Secretary of State (Sayre) to the Norwegian Chargé (Galbe)

Sir: With reference to your Legation’s note dated June 13, 1936, inquiring whether the Norwegian steamship Trajan and other Norwegian vessels connected with the smuggling of alcohol into the United States will, in the future, have free access to American ports without the risk of seizure or detention, I desire to inform you of the receipt of a letter from the appropriate authorities of this Government from which the following excerpt is quoted:

“In consideration of the assurances given by the Norwegian Government that they will cooperate to prevent the future employment of Norwegian vessels in smuggling enterprises directed toward the United States, I am glad to advise you that Customs officers will be instructed to permit the Norwegian steamships Trajan and Anders to have free access to any American port which they may hereafter enter in compliance with the laws of this country.

“This office has no knowledge of any vessels of Norwegian registry which may recently have been engaged in the smuggling traffic other than the Trajan, the Anders, and the Reidun.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre