811.114 Norway/32

The Norwegian Minister (Morgenstierne) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my conference with Hon. Walton R. Moore, Assistant Secretary of State, on the 12 instant with regard to the Norwegian S/S Trajan and other Norwegian vessels suspected of having been misused—without the knowledge of the Norwegian owners—in connection with the smuggling of alcohol into the United States.

On that occasion I had the honor to convey a communication from my Government expressing the expectation that in view of the recent settlement of the Reidun case, the S/S Trajan and possibly other Norwegian vessels suspected of having engaged in activities of a similar nature, should in future have free access to American ports without the risk of seizure or detention.

In confirming my statement in this respect I also beg leave to confirm the assurance on behalf of my Government that they are fully prepared to continue the cooperation of many years standing to prevent the misuse of any Norwegian vessel in smuggling activities outside the coast of the United States.

Accept [etc.]

W. Morgenstierne