500.A15A4 General Committee/619: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis) to the Secretary of State

729. Simon telegraphed British delegation here the details of the German reply and asked them to inform me of them. They are essentially identical with what I reported in my 727. Simon added that he had told the German Chargé d’Affaires50 that he could not comment without further study but that he saw no mention of “samples of arms”, which had been the demand of Yon Neurath, and this message, it seemed to him, deals with real rearmament. Boncour called this evening and said he had received this also through the British and Italians and while he thought it was a backward step he added that it was proof, if proof was needed, that the thing to do was to maintain a firm and united attitude because if one started to bargain the Germans always increased their demands.

  1. Prince Otto von Bismarck.