Monetary and Economic Conference, London, June 12–July 27, 1933: 1

1. For correspondence pertaining to the origins of and early preparations for this Conference, see Foreign Relations, 1932, vol. i, pp. 808 ff.

Official data concerning the plenary sessions and several committees are printed in League of Nations, Monetary and Economic Conference, Journal of the Monetary and Economic Conference; Report of the Bureau to the Conference (Official No.: Conf. M.E.22); Draft Annotated Agenda submitted by the Preparatory Commission of Experts (Official No.: C.48.M.18.1933.II [Conf.M.E.I]); League of Nations, Economic Committee, Report to the Council on the Work of the Fortieth Session held at Geneva from November 14th to November 17th, 1933 (Official No.: C.643.M.306.1933.II.B.).