B. Exchanges of views with the Department of State 4

4. In addition to those recorded in this chapter, conversations were held by the Department of State with representatives of the following countries: Albania (May 31); Austria (May 23); Belgium (May 11); Bolivia (May 23); Bulgaria (May 17); Colombia (May 20); Costa Rica (May 24); Cuba (May 16); Denmark (May 19); Dominican Republic (May 22); Ecuador (May 20); Egypt (May 24); Finland (May 16); Greece (May 17); Guatemala (May 17); Haiti (May 22); Honduras (May 26); Hungary (May 23); Irish Free State (May 17); Latvia (May 22); Lithuania (May 17); Nicaragua (May 24); Panama (May 22); Paraguay (May 23); Persia (May 24); Portugal (May 16); Siam (May 31); Spain (May 15); Switzerland (May 16); Union of South Africa (May 23); Uruguay (May 16); and Venezuela (May 20).

In the conversations for which memoranda have been omitted no suggestions of importance regarding subjects to be considered at the Conference were offered by the foreign representatives.

In notes of May 15 and June 7, respectively, the British Ambassador informed the Secretary of State that the Governments of New Zealand and India were not prepared to take part in an exchange of views prior to the Conference.

For an exposition of the American point of view on matters relating to the Conference, see memorandum of a conversation of May 15 between American and Polish representatives, p. 553. A similar explanation of the views of the American Government was apparently made to the representatives of each of the Governments consulted. Unless otherwise indicated, the material omitted from the memoranda herein printed was descriptive of the American point of view.

[381] The Secretary of State to the Albanian Minister ( Konitza )

550.S1 Washington/44