823.00 Revolutions/149: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Dearing) to the Secretary of State

97. Sanchez Cerro called with his brother at Embassy at 7 this evening. He said he was suspicious of Jimenez and that Jimenez had very bad advisers who were close to him. Sanchez Cerro expects a troubled situation for the next 2 or 3 months and says the Southerners lack the ability to govern. He declares he will return in about 3 months to present his candidacy for the Presidency and to stump the country. He says he has many strong friends in the Army and in other quarters. He then with immense naïvéte asked me to talk with my colleagues particularly and with others in such a way as to create a demand for his return as the best hope for the country and orderly government. I replied that I could not in any way interfere in internal Peruvian politics or questions and that I could not accede to his direct request or make any promises. I added, however, that I had always believed in the sincerity of his ambitions for his country and his patriotism, and believed him to be honest and constructive in purpose, that I had frequently said as much to my Government and to all others with whom I had in ordinary course occasion to speak and would continue to do so whenever in the natural course of events I should find myself speaking of him. This he seemed to find satisfactory.

I said I should be glad to see Peru settle her questions by election and peaceful methods and avoid revolutions and disturbances. He said that was one of the reasons why he wanted to run for the Presidency.

I said I hoped Jimenez would not allow any difficulties to arise in connection with the protection of foreign interests or lives. Sanchez Cerro said with emphasis he had advised Jimenez most pointedly on this matter telling him he must give full protection.

Sanchez Cerro sails on Oropesa tomorrow and intends to return to Peru via the United States. British Minister informs me Sanchez Cerro had an exactly similar conversation with him and that he replied about as I did.