Petitions for rehearings in the so-called sabotage cases: Black Tom and Kingsland39


For correspondence concerning the establishment of the Mixed Claims Commission (August 10, 1922), United States and Germany, before which these petitions were heard, see Foreign Relations, 1922, vol. ii, pp. 240 ff.

On October 16, 1930, the Mixed Claims Commission decided in favor of Germany in both of the so-called sabotage cases. For text of the decision, see Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, Administrative Decisions and Opinions of a General Nature and Opinions and Decisions in Certain Individual Claims, from October 1, 1926, to December 31, 1932, with orders of March 25 and May 7, 1925, and Appendices (Washington, 1933), pp. 967–994.

[352] Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Castle)


[354] Memorandum by the Solicitor for the Department of State (Hackworth)

462.11L 5232/175

[355] Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Castle)


[356] Memorandum by the Secretary of State