823.00 Revolutions/139: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Dearing ) to the Secretary of State

91. Between 6:30 and 7:30 this afternoon the soldiers of the southern expedition, which had disembarked at Callao during the day having refused to land at Ancon, quietly marched to the Plaza de Armas and Plaza San Martin and took chargé of the Palace and the Government. The coup was planned and executed by Jimenez who has issued a somewhat conciliatory manifesto. Lima is quiet at present and Sologuren who has been in chargé of public order appears to be with Jimenez. It is not certain whether Sanchez Cerro will return to Palace or Jimenez will retain command. One of the southern delegates has sought asylum in the Japanese Legation. It is not known what Jimenez will do to his enemies but as his own tenure may not be [apparent omission], he may be moderate. Given his character and determination however the outlook is grave indeed. Civil war is again a possibility. Anything however may happen; Barco, former Minister of War and strong in the South is with Jimenez and Jimenez himself is strong in the South and the Fifth and Seventh Regiments, the main force in Lima, were brought from Arequipa by Sanchez Cerro. Foreigners will very likely not be molested but if disorder and street fighting should begin the Department should be prepared for eventualities. I shall watch situation closely and report developments as soon as possible. In handling the disembarkation of the troops of the southern expedition the transitory junta seems to have been inept to the last degree. Elias has become ambitious and was informed this morning he could not remain in office. The new prefect, Bernales, is said to have bought his office and the whole recent movement seems to have become pointless the moment Sanchez Cerro resigned. It is uncertain what the Navy and aviation will do but they are unlikely to accept the coup lying down.