819.00 Revolutions/33: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (Davis) to the Secretary of State

32. My telegram No. 29, January 10, noon. The following Governments consider present government constitutional continuation of Arosemena government and have continued normal diplomatic relations: Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Germany, Colombia, and Mexico.

New Government apparently has support of great majority of residents of capital and has been well received throughout the Republic. Opposition from deposed authorities improbable in immediate future. Question of satisfying extreme element of group which carried out revolution will be Dr. Alfaro’s chief problem.

Alfaro will arrive tomorrow and is planning to take oath of office Friday January 16th. I am informed invitation will be extended diplomatic corps to attend inauguration and reception. Unless otherwise instructed immediately by cable I shall not attend. My absence may cause comment. However I shall attempt to meet situation as discreetly as possible until Department finds it convenient to act on question of recognition.