819.00 Revolutions/28: Telegram

The Minister in Panama ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

29. Department’s telegram No. 6, January 5, 1 p.m. The new authorities appear to be in control throughout the Republic of Panama and order has been maintained. It is probable that in some cases irresponsible local authorities have been appointed under pressure from the extreme elements which participated in the armed attack on the previous administration.

The new administration apparently has the support of a great majority of the people in Panama City and probably in Colon. It is difficult to judge situation in the interior provinces which have so long been controlled by political chieftains of the old regime that independent thought and action in political affairs is almost unknown. It is possible that the experienced leaders of the old regime could drive out the new authorities in the interior but it does not appear probable that they will do so as long as the new authorities can control Panama City. Unless the old leaders should become active the great majority of the people in the interior will probably take little interest in the change in the government.

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The immediate problem is to control the extreme element of the revolution. Arias has been able to do so. Alfaro will probably experience considerable difficulty with the extremists.