817.00 Bandit Activities, 1931/199: Telegram

The Consul at Bluefields ( Talbott ) to the Acting Secretary of State

The following telegram has been sent to the Legation at Managua:

July 20, 5 p.m. Workmen on Carretera Rama attacked Guardia that place last night killing one wounding several; three workmen killed, [Page 823] eight prisoners, several wounded. Understand disgruntled because discharged without pay. Appears to be no direct connection between attack and bandit activities but situation may increase bandit strength. Believe no immediate cause for apprehension as regards Bluefields.

I have just returned from Puerto Cabezas by aeroplane. Guardia officers there believe number of bandits moving across Savannah toward that port. Appears Asheville and Guardia force there adequate. Two hydroplanes now in Bluefields will probably return to Puerto Cabezas tomorrow for reconnaissance work. Fernald will keep you informed regarding situation there.

Might be desirable that land planes be sent Puerto Cabezas from Managua and hydroplanes be kept here.