817.00 Bandit Activities, 1931/198: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Hanna) to the Acting Secretary of State

140. My 139, July 16, 10 a.m. Guardia patrol reconnoitering from Cape Gracias up the Coco River was attacked July 17th by bandits, estimated at 40, and 3 bandits were killed. A Nicaraguan officer of the Guardia was wounded. The reconnaissance of that region by Guardia and airplanes is continuing and more definite information concerning the situation is expected soon. One Guardia was wounded at Rama yesterday in a conflict between the Guardia and what is believed to be discontented unemployed labor. It is reported that the Guardia restored order but the small detachment at Rama is being reenforced from Bluefields.

The foregoing is to forestall possible sensational reports to the United States from the east coast.