702.1211/2136: Telegram

The Governor of Illinois (Emmerson) to the Acting Secretary of State

Upon receipt of yours of the 7th relative to the arrest of the Mexican Consul of Chicago by order of Judge Thomas Green of the Municipal Court of that city, I asked Chief Justice John J. Sonsteby to at once get in touch with Judge Thomas Green in an effort to bring about a satisfactory conclusion of the matter. The following statement has just been given out by Judge Green:

“To remove any possible belief that my act was any indication of any feeling toward Mexico or to the Mexican people or to create any unfriendly relations between the two countries and to promote the general good feeling between the two countries, the order being directed only as to the individual, at the request of John J. Sonsteby, Chief Justice of the Municipal Court of Chicago, I entered an order expunging [Page 729]the order of July seven, nineteen hundred thirty-one, which held Adolf G. Domínguez in contempt of court in the case of the people of the State of Illinois versus Adolfo G. Domínguez, case number one naught seven four three six six in the Municipal Court of Chicago thereby closing the matter”.

I am under great obligations to Judge Sonsteby for his prompt and friendly interest in this matter.

Louis L. Emmerson