The Italian Ambassador (De Martino) to the Under Secretary of State (Castle)

My Dear Mr. Castle: I have your note of the 11th instant and I want to thank you for your communication.

[Page 640]

Though taking note that, under the laws of the United States, no action can be taken concerning the article which appeared on Il Martello of November 29th, 1930, I deem it my duty to call your attention, nevertheless, to the article published by the same paper in the issue of June 6th, 1931, under the title “Ai mani di Michele Schirru”. In this editorial occurs the sentence which I reproduce and translate here below:

“Ma la questione rimane nei suoi termini categorici: Perche’ l’Italia viva, Benito Mussolini deve morire. E non lui soltanto”.

(“But the question remains in its categorical terms: So that Italy must live, Benito Mussolini must die. And not he alone”.)

Believe me [etc.]

G. de Martino