The Postmaster General (Brown) to the Secretary of State24

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to your letter of January 2, 1931, WE 811.918/237,25 transmitting a copy of a communication from the Italian Ambassador relative to a certain article which appeared in the November 29, 1930, issue of the Italian language newspaper Il Martello, I have to advise you that this matter has been investigated by post office inspectors and the facts presented to the United States Attorney at New York, New York, who has expressed the opinion that prosecution of the publishers under Section 334, Title 18, U. S. Code, does not appear to be warranted.

Very truly yours,

Walter F. Brown
  1. The Secretary of State in a letter dated May 5 informed the Postmaster General that the substance of this letter would be communicated to the Italian Ambassador. No record of such communication has been found in the files.
  2. Not printed.