711.679 Residence and Establishment/76

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1362

Sir: With reference to my telegram No. 49, October 12, 1 P.M., and the Department’s mail instruction No. 320, February 26, 1931,18 I transmit herewith the Treaty of Residence and Establishment signed at Ankara on October 28.19 I also transmit a copy of my letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs as approved by the Department’s telegram No. 28, July 10 [27], 12 noon [11 a.m.], and the original and English translation of the Minister’s acknowledgment of the same.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph C. Grew
[Enclosure 1]

The American Ambassador ( Grew ) to the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Tevfik Rüştü Bey )

My Dear Mr. Minister: The Government of the United States of America is fully alive to the changes which have taken place in Turkey. Its sole desire is that the development of the relations between the two countries should proceed upon the basis of these changed conditions. It was with such considerations in mind that the Government of the United States of America negotiated the exchange of notes of February 17, 1927, and the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of October 1, 1929; it is on this same basis that it has negotiated the Treaty of Residence and Establishment which its representative is signing today, and that it is always ready to negotiate treaties of arbitration and conciliation.

I am [etc.]

Joseph C. Grew
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[Enclosure 2—Translation]

The Turkish Minister far Foreign Affairs ( Tevfik Rüştü Bey ) to the American Ambassador ( Grew )

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of October 28, 1931, as follows:

[Here follows text of the letter printed supra.]

I have noted its contents in my Government’s name and pray Your Excellency to accept [etc.]

T. Rüştü
  1. Neither printed.
  2. Supra.